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Rebound insomnia after quetiapine
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    Default Rebound insomnia after quetiapine

    I'm a pretty freaked out. I was on quetiapine for two months, the first month 50 mg. (it was too much, I slept all the time), the second month 25 mg (my psychiatrist told me, that the dose couldn't be smaller). Even though I have a lot of trouble sleeping for the last two weeks (I quit two weeks ago) I guess it's the rebound insomnia. Does anybody know how long it will last? And is there something I can do to help it? I didn't thought it possible after such a short while on such a small dose. Please help.

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    Not sure how I can help..I was on 100mg of seroquel cause I have racing thoughts.Been 13 days no seroquel and cant sleep.Sorry,hope it gets better soon

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