Been taking 1mg (1/8 a strip) of suboxone for 3 weeks and quit cold turkey for 6 days. Withdrawals were hell but were almost over and got alot easier but still present. Anyway today i messed up and found about .5 (1/16) a strip in my wallet and took it. Im in ssuch depression and regret because i was over the hump of withdrawals. Does anyone know how bad i should expect it to be again.? All over reset withdrawals like it was or not as bad? No matter what its not may first rodeo and i will go through it because i have no choice but to get clean. I just really dont know what to expect.

I was a H addict on off for 5 years. Yes i know what serious withdrawals are and i cannot say that these are nearly that bad. But regardless these are complete >>>>, i guess no withdrawal was meant to be enjoyable. Thank you!