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Refuse To Fill Prescription To Soon.
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    Default Refuse To Fill Prescription To Soon.

    Hello Everyone,
    I got a script for pain of oxycodone, my first script was 10mg every 4 to 6 hours. First let me say I NEVER take more than my dose. I was running low and my doctor is far away in LA, so he gave me another prescription to get filled. Once I went home and tried to get them filled they said it was too soon. Yes I still had some pills left but how is it too soon? Had I been taking one every 4 hours every 4 hours I'd been out.
    Now This new script is 5mg oxycodone 2 pills every 6 hours. I've been taking 6 pills a day a total of 30mg per day, I have got my back out of line and is making me have to take them every 6 hours. I also have cancer and my low platelets cause things to bruise easy and hurt a lot worse for longer. My script was filled on 2/3/18 it's now 2/ 15/18 I have around 35 pills left. As he gave me 100 5mg pills 2 every 6 hours. My fear is running out and even though I'll have no problem getting a new script from my doctor, the pharmacy might say it's too soon.
    My question is how is it too soon if I'm taking them as directed. Right now I take 6 pills daily.when I could be taking 8 which would be 2 every 6 hours around the clock. Anyone have this problem, also my insurance doesn't cover my meds because they only cover up to 60 pills, or something like that, so I pay the full price every time I get them filled. Which has only been twice in my life time.

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    Looking at the dates, it is not to soon, but remember there are less days in February. Most standard is that you can refill every 28 days. Since your dose has changed, it shouldn't be too soon to fill with entirely different dose and instruction. It was the pharmacist's decision. You can always go to another store of same company or different company. FDA made things harder for everyone starting this year. You do have enough pills left, so you should be okay until you have about 4/5 pills left. As for your insurance, it should cover up to the amount it can then the rest with possibly a discount card and/or pay cash.

    If the pharmacy is unable or do not know how to charge the max to the insurance and the remaining amount for cash, then I recommend a pharmacy that do not deal with "middlemen" insurances and the entire script will be much cheaper.

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    Also remember that starting in 2018, some pharmacis are going to strict 29 or even 30 day minimums because there is a big opioid crackdown. Totally misguided, but be that as it may, you need to be diligent about not asking for earlier refills, or the pharmacy might red-flag you as a drug-seeker. And most all pharmacies are joined online databases. Good luck and bless you with your diagnoses. The thing we chronic pain sufferers have to remember is strict compliance so we stay under the radar.

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