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Returning to Influximab following a period of 7 months
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    Default Returning to Influximab following a period of 7 months

    I would be very grateful for any advice. I have been on influximab (Remicade) for 13 years iv every 8 weeks. This has been administered for inflammatory arthritis along with possible Bechets Disease.

    My last infusion was in March 2016 but just before my planned May infusion I was hospitalised for a large renal abscess which I had drained and await further investigation and possible surgery.

    My Rhuematologist is considering putting me back on influximab one my renal problem is sorted but has said the gap may be too long from when I was last on influximab, so therefore I may need to be put on Humira (I think that's how it is spelt!).

    Does anyone have a similar experience of using this drug and suspending treatment then recommencing?

    I am desperate for my renal problems to be finalised as my inflammatory arthritis is running wild in many small and large joints and being managed currently with large doses of prednisolone from which I am suffering the usual side effects such as weight gain!

    There is a fear that the influximab may have caused the renal abscess but this has not been confirmed as yet. Scary times ahead!

    Thank you

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    Hmmm, influximab may have caused the renal abscess? It's possible. Have they considered combination with methotrexate? Would the combo reduce the risk of another infection? I think I'd ask the doctor that question. Other than that I can't help. Best of luck to you.

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