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Robert:re Ambien CR
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    Default Robert:re Ambien CR

    Thanks Robert, for your response. Thought I'd let you know that after 11 nights of Ambien CR 12.5mg it still isn't working AT ALL. After I take it, I wait at least 30-45 minutes and then take 75mg of Benedryl (tablets work SO much better and faster than caps)--which I do not like doing; it's just too drying, etc. I sleep for maybe an hour and then dose off and on all night long.

    Spoke to the pharmicist and he said there should be no reason it shouldn't work...that the Opana shouldn't have anything to do with it; he suggested Lunesta. And since 'regular' Ambien has worked in the past, the CR should work as well. So, I'll hold out til I see the doc again on the 24th and let him know and also let him know the Opana 40 bid isn't cutting it either.

    One of the side effects of the Opana ER is sweating...It started the evening of the first day I started taking it. By the end of the first 2wks it was less intense and less frequent; then when the dose was raised by 20mg it was no surprise it revved everything up again. But, it's slightly less now, but will it ever stop completely? If it doesn't, I can't do this. I'm very heat intolerant anyway and this is just misery.

    When I called the office after the first 8 days to tell them I wasn't sleeping, the first thing (a different doc did) was to tell me to stop Opana and start Oxycontin 40mg qid. Would this have been a good 'substitute'? I didn't switch because the original doc gave me the oxyMorphone specifically, and I wasn't ready to give up. (or have done all that suffering for nothing!)

    Would you happen to know what other oxymorphones are out there without 'additives' like codeine? Sorry this is lengthy...but somehow I'm led to trust you and that you have alot of answers. Thanks, Robert, so much!

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    I think the ambien CR is not working because you are used to a higher dose. The CR is extended release which means you are not getting all of the 12.5mg in one go. It is slowly released throughout the night - it is meant to last 8 hours.

    Regular Ambien does not last that long (about 4 hours). I believe that people normally take 10mg. If you have a tolerance, the 12.5 CRs may not be enough to make you fall asleep. With no tolerance, I needed 20mg+ to knock me out. I would discuss with your doctor again. If you have been taking it for 11 nights, you've been building an even higher tolerance. It states on the instructions that you should not use it for more than 14-nights for that reason.

    On the Oxymorphone, I think you can only get Opana in the US currently due to the Patent - I'm not 100% sure on that one.

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