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severe nausea in pregnancy
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    Question severe nausea in pregnancy

    I suffer severe nausea in pregnancies and are unable to continue the pregnancies as a result. I am unable to lift my head without vomitting, so cannot live everyday life. Has anyone else experienced this? I am so desperate for help with drugs that may help. I have a terrible relationship with my GP and find he is no help to me. I have tried cyclizine, stemitil, maxalon...Is there anybody out there who has used anything that has helped...I am so so desperate to have another baby but can't get pregnant without more information to take to my doctor...

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    I would suggest that you try Milk Thistle, an herb that really helps with morning sickness. A good book is called "The Naturally Healthy Pregnancy"... milk thistle is safe and really helps!!

    Good Luck with everything!

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    I had it bad with my son, and i get it bad now with the requip that i take at night since they up'ed my dosage. They gave me phenagren while i was pregnant it did take the edge off a little but not much, right now im taking compazine and i love it, it works so much better.

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