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Severs hoarseness after taking Fluoxetine
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    Default Severs hoarseness after taking Fluoxetine

    Im interested in hearing from people who have had this side effect after taking Fluoxetine and what the out come was.
    After taking this tablet i was feeling so much better, 4 days later i lost my voice and have severe Hoarseness. i have had this now for 7 weeks and im hoping someone might be able to relate to my problem.
    I have 3 small children and cant talk to them, i cant read them stories i cant answer the phone as im not heard.
    When i went to see my doctor they looked on their side effects list and it didnt have severe hoarseness listed but when i look on other web sites its listed as a side effects, so when i prescribed Fluoxetine i was told there werent many side effects and it was safe for breast feeding, which im not so sure about as my baby went through withdrawal syptoms when i stopped taking it.
    What i really need to know if any one has surrered with this problem wether its a permanant thing or wether my voice will return. If anyone can help it would be great as i cant live for the rest of my life with out a voice.
    I have now been sent to An ear, nose and throat specialist to look further at my voice box to see whats happening.

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    Default Orrin 15 please reply

    Orrin 15

    My 17 year old son is going through the same voice issue now after being on Prozac for a month then stopping after his voice was effected. We have been through an MRI ( was normal ) and the ENT route. No answers on why it happened or ideas to make his voice fully return. There has been some minor improvements after a couple months. What was your outcome? Voice came back? If so, after how long. Was there anything we can try to speed up the process. Thank you So Much for letting us know.

    Jeff Smith

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