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snorting Antipsychotic
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    Default snorting Antipsychotic

    I have been hearning about kid's "snorting" Antipsychotic's such as seroquel and i was wondering would this intensify the effects of these drugs? or would it just simply not effect your brain in the same way as it would if you take it orally?

    Also has anyone else heard about kids snorting seroquel or any other Antipsychotic ?

    thanks for your information

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    I have heard of snorting many different kinds of drugs, the reason for it is that many of these are meant to be absorbed slowly into your system, over a period of an hour or more, by crushing and snorting them, they can get a rush (high) by getting it into their systems much faster.

    This, of course, can be dangerous, there are parts to these drugs that are just fillers, they are normally not absorbed by the body and just expelled in fecal matter, by snorting, you are injecting these fillers into your lungs and sinus cavities. Also you run the risk of an overdose by getting too much of the drug into your body system at once.

    My information is not guaranteed correct. I do not get them right all the time, but I do enjoy the hunt~

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