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Soma AKA Carisoprodal addiction
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    Question Soma AKA Carisoprodal addiction

    Back in 1996, I was hit in the Jaw and neck at about 30'MPH while sledding. My jaw locked for a month. Back then Soma was widely prescribed, and it worked very well for me. It also had a nice mellow high. I've been on and off of it since as I needed. But as all drug use, my tolerance went up, and now I take much more than is safe if I am in a bad space. Sometimes up to 7 350 pills a day. (not constant though) I have gone years, months and weeks without - but when my TMJ and associated Neck and Back pain rear up - I'm right back on it!

    Anyone else have a past/current addiction to it? What kind of side effects or issues do you have? Also with the recent understanding it is addictive as a muscle relaxant, most Dr's really want to stay away from it for something like Flexeril (which conversely makes me very Drowsy but works only Ok - the mellow high asside).

    Me I am relly done with this drug, especially since I have grown a dependance. Additionally to keep my supply in tact I now order over-seas, and am worried that customs is going to alert the DEA or apprpriate authorities (customs/ DEA - SOMA is a class IV scheduled substance) even though they allways pass customs (so far) lastly, I really don't know what it is doing to my Liver not to mention Addictive or Dependance issues...

    So thoughts? I have gone fine for months without it, but I think it is time to cut it out of my life for my health!

    Thanks for your thoughts, especially if you've had experience!


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    Also - I'm looking for a good pain clinic in South Houston for my very real need to manage pain as I work my way back to running (knee surgeries this year) and working on my TMJ/neck ssues - so I can get healthy this year. (I run 30 miles a week as a Lacrosse referee - though I am on medical leave till I can get the pain under control! So any suggestions would be great!

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