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spinal fusion in neck c 4-5,5-6
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    Question spinal fusion in neck c 4-5,5-6

    Had neck surgery in may of this yr. was taking hydrocd for pain. I also have have for some yr taken remeron 30mg for depression and .05 alprazolam only take the remeron and alpaz before that the hrdro makes me sick my doctor wants to start me on darovcet and skelaxin for pain and muscle relaxer. would like to chat with anyone in my simuliar postion. Im in pain all the time. the only relief I get is laying down on hot gel packs. would appreciate any advise. worried that seems like a lot of meds to me here.

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    Darvocet worked great for my knee pain, unswelling it enough so that I could be running around again without pain, but as soon as it wore off, I could tell I should have been resting instead! The temptation to take them all the time was bad..but they do work. Skelaxin is okay, but no where near what you are taking. I think your doctor is taking a better direction in going down on your pain medications than up. I'm just now coming through w/d for fentanyl (two steps past hydro) for constant pain.

    Have you been in PT yet? It does help. TENS units help too for pain relief..unfortunately, you're going to have to deal with some sort of pain for the rest of your life. There's no cure all. I wish there was!

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