I recently found out that my insurance covers a lot of great generic medications.

I am wondering what your stack advice would be, both prescribed and over the counter.

I am thinking something like:

Remeron: for depression (may help with anxiety)

Amphetamine-dextroamphetamine : (generic adderall) for difficulty focusing

Modafinil: for lethargy and morning tiredness

various OTCs & nootropics for memory:

gingko biloba

Bacopa Monnieri

I have done quite a bit of research and groundwork to get myself on the right path. I have been reading textbooks on pharmaceuticals, creating a sleep log, studying psychology, getting a higher paying job so that I can afford to socialize more and refine my social skills. I also have blue light glasses for sleep, have a Philips Sunrise Alarm Clock and set boundaries at work with my time.

I haven't found anything about meds social anxiety for people on the autism spectrum. I also have this belief that if I could be much less anxious and also have the part of my brain that reads nonverbal cues processing a higher clip, I could cope and mitigate the symptoms. Your advice on this and the stack above would be appreciated.

More background:

Early 20s male here. I've been seeing a therapist for 1.5 years, and we have concluded that a lot of the trouble I have is probably related to an autism spectrum disorder.

I am waiting on neuropsyche testing to be certain, but I definitely experience a lot of awkwardness and difficulty calibrating my presentation and body language with those around me. I have a very hard time fitting in. I have a lot of social anxiety and fidgeting.

I am also lethargic in the mornings (takes me 2+ hours to get going) and no matter how much I sleep, my mornings seem to be difficult. I feel so tired.

When it comes to learning, I seem to have a mild form of dyslexia. I cannot, for instance, identify quickly something like on a badge or ID. When reading, I also have to move my eyes over the same line several times for me to comprehend it.

I get depressed, likely due to constant general anxiety and being in a manic/hysterical state, worsened by the difficulty fitting in. I often have a weird smile on my face Martin Shkreli that is caused by anxiety.

I have difficulty with memory, for instance recalling names. I have difficulty having conversations, and cannot 'get to the point.' I struggle to remember anything and recall it, especially when tested. I have very little confidence in my memory.