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taking adderall without ADHD
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    Default taking adderall without ADHD

    hi im 14 years old and one of my friends has ADHD and takes 30mgs Adderall Xr everyday. she gave me and my friends some of her pills, i wanted to kno what can happen if someone takes Adderall XR with out having ADHD. i took one and dont have ADHD, when i took it i felt tired and didnt eat for the whole day. even though i felt tired when i would try to sleep i would have too much energy to do so. i also got a little light-headed and had to pee a lot through out the day. the only other meds im taking is doxycycline hyclate if u know anything bad that can happen other then like getting addicted to it please tell.

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    adderal is a mix of amphetamine salts, and is a powerful CNS stimulant (hence you not being able to sleep). it certainly has addiction potential, and is a higly controlled drug (schedule II, same as cocaine or morphine) and you and your friend have commited a felony by transfering them w/o a scrip. Not being judgemental, just letting you know. more info on Adderall's recreational uses and on amphetamines in general can be found at

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