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    Default Testosterone

    Low T is a very complex thing. Both Male and Females produce two types of Testosterone. Sex T and Free T. Male Testicles and females ovaries produce sex T. Sex T is bound in SHBG and not bioavailable for use as free T. Our Adrenal glands produce free T. Free T is what controls a lot of things in our body. Muscle mass, blood pressure, and many more.
    It’s important when you have your Dr. check you for low T, that he/she check total T and free T. Many Dr. just check total T and tell the patient their T levels are normal. If the Free T is low, other system may be not getting enough T.
    Normal total T levels for a male say 65 to 74 years old is 327 to 721ng/dL. Free T levels 6.6 to 18.1 pg/ml.

    I was seeing a Functional Medicine MD. He had me on a customized compounded
    Bio-Identical Hormone (Testosterone) cream, for about a year. It was working well . Raised both my T levels. I felt super. He retired , so had to find another Family Dr. New family Dr. kept me on the same cream. All of a sudden it quit working and my levels dropped. To 150 ng/dL. He has me taking a shot every two weeks. I don’t care for it. Last two or three days before time for another shot, I feel real bad. Going to ask him to try me on AndroGel. I have used the Testim. Don’t mind it’s smell , but I had some side effects from it.

    A very good book to read is Testosterone for Life. By Abraham Morgentaler MD Associate Clinical Professor at Harvard Medical School. He has also looked at the Prostate issue and Prostate cancer related to the use of Testosterone replacement.

    Another good book for both sex’s is. BREAKTHROUGH. By Suzanne Somers. She covers a lot on Hormone replacement information.
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    Default Jack

    My experience was not at all good with any of the creams or the pump gel. My levels dropped & more than likely since being on narcotics for pain over the past 12 yrs it's been dropping off all this time.
    My blood levels were under 100 & I mean well under 100 & then while using creams - gels the #'s dropped completely off.
    So then I had been getting the injections every 14 days & #'s climbed alittle but felt horrible. I am 42 yrs old & considering all I've been thru in ok shape other than dealing with the pain.
    Now I get my shot every week 200mgs a week & have my #'s back up & can feel a difference.
    So maybe you might want to talk about every 7 days instead of the 14 days.

    The only bad thing is you have to watch the prostate & stay ontop of getting your blood work done often...
    Hope this helps & good luck

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