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    Default Thyroid

    Result for changing 75mg Levothyroxione to 50mg is this good after blood test

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    Not having your medical history available, the only answer I can truthfully give you is that your doctor decreased your dosage as a result of the blood test, assuredly in your best medical interest.

    What I would do, if you have doubts or further questions, call his/her office and leave a message for his/her nurse that you'd like to discuss the dosage decrease in further detail. Generally, the nurse should be fully knowledgeable about your case, and can help put your mind at ease.

    Hope this helps!

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    High fiber nourishments, despite the fact that a high fiber eating routine is generally prescribed, an excessive amount of fiber eaten directly in the wake of taking thyroid meds may meddle with their retention, hold up two hours previously you eat a high-fiber supper one with more than around 15 grams of fiber...
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    Does anyone know of or taken any medications to effectively treat thyroid cancer? I know someone who is suffering and looking for other options

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    Default My knowledge of Thyroid Cancer

    Thyroid failures... I know little but what Ive learned is that of ones physical behavior mostly and still dont know where to begin. My wife, diagnosed at an early age, has lived with it almost her entire life of 28 yrs. She remained fairly slim with a regular american diet (not being healthy consious). I also noticed lack of energy, fatigue, dark circles under eyes, irritability, discoloration of skin.
    Just a few I took notice.

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