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    I had a really bad car accident in 2008. Ive had 6 surgeries on my leg. Im up to 10mgs of hydro and I also have percs 7.5 and soma 350 mgs. None of these work for more than 2 hours. I go to a pain mgmt dr in november. I live in KY. Since none of these are working what is my next move ?

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    Tolerance is a real problem. Especially with narcotics. I've been on several over the years, and now none of them work well. It sounds like you have time. Sometimes it helpful to rotate pain medications. If one stops working, then have your Dr. switch you to another drug for a while. Even though they may both be narcotics, theyy may be metabolized differently and give you relief. If you don't belong to a pain management clinic, you might want to check one out. They are very knowledgeable about the different drugs. Personally, oral dilaudid never did anything for my pain. Its supposed to be the strongest. Sometimes the less potent drugs give more relief. If sounds counter intuative, but its worth a try. You shouldn't have to suffer like that.
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