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The truth about 5 Panel Drug Screens and Synthetic Opiates (Oxycodone, Vicodin, etc)
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    Default The truth about 5 Panel Drug Screens and Synthetic Opiates (Oxycodone, Vicodin, etc)

    If you run a search on "will oxycodone show up in a 5 panel drug test" the amount of results is staggering. What's more staggering is the amount of misinformation that comes up from users and doctors alike. My interpretation was that there is a fundamental lack of understanding on this topic, so I will share my story to help any users, doctors, employers, or anyone else that might find this useful.

    For starters, I'm an addict. Judge me all you want, I have a problem and I'm struggling to get past it. That is not the point of this post, so keep your judgemental comments to yourself. I am trying to provide some comfort to people who are going through what I went through, or educate a health professional that is as confused as the rest. So here is my tale...

    I take 150 to 200 mg of oxycodone every day except when i can't get it. It was a Saturday afternoon, I was terribly dopesick, and finally found some percs at 5pm, getting myself 30 of the 10/325. By Sunday evening, around 8 pm, they were all gone, so I took 300 mg in 24 hours give or take. Monday I reloaded, grabbing a weeks worth of 10/325's at noon. I snorted 40 mg at 1:30, and at 2:30 the worst possible scenario happened, I was selected to a random drug test at work. Though I rarely smoke pot, to make matters worse I had taken 2 or 3 small hits off a blunt on Sunday about 5pm. HR lady said I could wait until the morning since it was late in the afternoon, but I decided whats the point I'm screwed no matter what, go take it and at least I can partake of my recent pickup after to calm me down. Again, I'm an addict, I was convinced i lost my job, judge me or hate me, whatever. So at 4:30 pm I peed in the cup, thinking I had just watched my job squirt out my dong. The thing is, I couldn't have been more wrong....

    I work for a very large global corporation. As such, they tend to follow federal regulations. Federal drug testing guidelines require the 5 panel DOT test. There are very specific requirements as to what it can test for. It includes an Opiate panel. My company used a test from Quest SAP called 44105N (not positive on numbers sorry i lost the sheeet) SAP 5/50+MDMA/6AM, which per our standard operating procedure form is an equivalent panel to the DOT panel (note, I'm not positive on numbers sorry i lost the sheet from Quest it was 44 something) Clearly, I used a lot! of opiate all the way right up to the test. But yet I still have a job. All over the web you'll read that oxycodone will cause a positive, but yet I passed. So why is this?

    The DOT Opiate panel tests for metabolites of codeine and morphine, neither of which are metabolites of oxycodone. So DOT test simply do not look for it. Lucky me! Or not lucky, maybe losing my job would have finally taken me to rock bottom and gotten me out of this hell hole, but I digress. I won't repeat info readily available all over the web so if you want to learn more about this do a web search. But I passed. No MRO call asking about prescriptions, no fail for the few hits of weed (was probably below 50 ng/ml), passed. Don't take my word for it, check out the links below which will back all of this up. I tell this story so people understand that a 5 panel test, if and only if it is modeled after DOT panel, does not look for oxycodone, hydrocodone, suboxone, any synthetic opiate. Don't believe what you read elsewhere. I am a full blown junkie, took a random DOT test, and I passed. It simply does not show up. Period. If it is a non DOT test than all is out the window. 5 panel in that case could omit say PCP and replace that with the expanded opiate panel, you just wouldn't know. The vast majority of employers model their testing off the DOT 5 panel though. Interestingly, the DOT 10 panel for reasonable suspicion does not detect it either, again only looking for morphine/codeine indicate which indicates use of Her(oine) usage. This is all soon going to change however!!!!

    As I said, DOT testing is required by law to follow the federal drug testing guidelines. In 2012, these guidelines were updated at the recommendation of SAMHSA to add saliva testing and EXPANDED OPIATE TESTING to the standard DOT testing. Thus the DOT test by law must add both saliva testing and the expanded opiate panel. Like all things government they are taking forever to do it, but I'd imagine that sometime very very soon the DOT panel will add expanded opiates just as they added MDMA and 6am in 2010. So if you are worried about this topic or are in general interested keep an eye out for new releases on that topic as it is a game changer. The expanded opiate panel WILL detect all of the synthetic opiates. No longer will we be able to keep our problem hidden. Until that happens though DOT 5 panel test DO NOT DETECT OXYCODONE, HYDROCODONE, OXYCONTIN, PERCOCET, VICODIN, ETC.!!

    Below are some links to legit sites that discuss this. Don't just believe me, an idiot with a drug problem, though I do have first hand experience in passing. Read up on these sites to find out more, they are reputable sites (one is National Safety Council). And if you are a doctor testing your patient to make sure they are taking not selling their medication, please please please get this through your head. Its amazing how many doctors think the DOT 5 picks up the synthetics, they don't! I'm walking proof.

    Sorry for the long post, I hope this is useful to someone. I know the anxiety I had for the couple weeks after the test was unbearable. But with so much time past now I know this info to be true. I'll add to anyone else like me with a problem, hang in there. Keep fighting. One day someday somehow we'll get through this and get our lives back. But in the meantime hopefully I have eased your mind a bit. Good luck to all with their struggle.
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    Default many many thanks for your post.

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    Thanks for the story. You are correct, partially. You see, when your 5 panel DOT regulated drug test is performed they initially just screen your sample for the 5 classes of drugs. This screening is at the appropriate cutoffs for each class and should the initial screening be negative on all 5 classes then the sample is then and there reported as a negative. If however, the initial screen detects ANY opioid or opiate derivitives, including synthetics, the sample is flagged as a "maybe"....the initial screening for opiates is not specific enough to discern between >>>>>> and synthetic opiates such as oxycodone, so, if the levels are above the cutoff, it will initially flag as a positive....but for what? Well, they don't know...yet...which is why when they have a maybe, in any class of the 5 they test for, the sample is then subjected to gas chromatography testing yo identify the specific drug and amount, if further testing identify oxycodone, it will be reported as a negative...because, under federal regulations oxycodone is NOT on the list of banned substances, plus there is the whole thing with it being a prescription drug etc etc privacy...anyway...the result is that if it is not on the list it will be negative. You can be sure that somewhere, associated with your test, name, sample number etc that there is a record of your extremely high level of opioids in your pee ...this is also why a negative result is reported in less than 24 hours at times...because the sample passed the initial screening and when it takes 10 days to get a negative it's the dt facilities way of saying to your employer with a wink wink...."we had to subject the sample to further testing....which took 10 we send out for gas CT yea...he is 'negative' "

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    Askacfi is also partially correct. The standard DOT opiate panel is looking for morphine. Since codeine and >>>>>> both become morphine in vivo, they are both readily detected. Synthetic opiates are a little more complicated. Oxycodone does not cross-react appreciably with the morphine-tuned enzyme, if you will. So there will be some binding, but not much. I figured it out once, you would have to be taking upwards of 300 mg/day (like the OP) for Oxycodone to screen preliminary positive on a standard opiate panel, depending on body size, metabolism, etc. But confirmatory testing will only be looking for >>>>>>, codeine, morphine and maybe 6-MAM, so even if you do manage to trip the standard prelim test, it will be reported as negative if that's all they were testing for.

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