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Tulsa, OK / Serious Neck Pain and Anemia Issues / Need Info and Assistance Please
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    Unhappy Tulsa, OK / Serious Neck Pain and Anemia Issues / Need Info and Assistance Please

    I live in Tulsa OK, and I need help. I am in need of medical assistance probably meaning a new Dr, I need surgery, and also Financial support/donations maybe. Please read on I am only 33 I want to live another 30 years but not in my current condition……

    When I was 17 I was on a motorcycle and SUV was on the wrong side of the road with his light off, we hit head on, needless to say the SUV won. However at the time there were no medical issues, it seemed to be a miracle. But it wasn't and when I was 24 (year 2003) I woke up one morning in pain, could not move my head in any direction. A doctor adjusted my neck and I could move my head again but the pain was there. Over time things got worse, an MRI showed 1 bulging disc, i could not afford surgery at the time. The disc eventually collapsed and by that time I could get surgery, a cervical fusion in 2008. I was in pain for a long time after, the doctors said I was OK it would just take time. I got another MRI in 2009 and was told I was OK, I got my medical records from my current dr who told me the MRI was OK, either he is an idiot or did not read it right. All of my vertebra are out of alignment, 3 more of my disc are bulging and pressing on my spinal cord, the combination of both result in pinched nerves at all of my vertebra locations, and I also have bone spurs. I am not sure if the surgery made things worse of if the doctors just missed it.

    I am on (2) 30mg IR Oxycodone that’s 60mg at a time every 4 hours, that’s 10 to 12 pills a day just to fill normal, my current dr said he will not prescribe the time release version because it throws up too many red flags! I take (2) 30mg also 60mg of Restoril to sleep and even with that I still wake up 4 to 5 hours after in pain and have to take my pain medication again, then I wake up 3 to 4 hours later. I have not gotten a full 8 hours sleep since 2004. I say I am dependent on my medication to lead a semi normal life but I am told by some people that I am addicted that’s all and I need to take some Advil or something for pain, what a joke. My pain is chronic 24/7, it starts in the middle of my neck and goes up into my head, the rest of my body does not hurt just my neck and head but it feels like someone with a hammer and ice pick opening up the back of my head. I have been a Developer / Analyst / Admin of computers all my adult life; I started working right out of high school. But now days without a degree it is hard to get a job. In my current condition I cannot go out to the movies, out to eat, sitting in a padded chair for 8 hours a day use to be doable with my meds but recently it has gotten worse so now I cannot hold a job or go back to school and I would like to do all of it movies, out to eat, school, back to work I mean I am only 33. I am also extremely anemic, I have to get a blood transfusion about every 4 to 6 months and no one knows why.

    Most all of the doctors that I have seen just want to give me pills and treatments that do not work, most of them do not listen. My current doctor just cut my pain meds in half out of pure spite. He was upset because I wanted the new doctor in his office to be my primary doctor instead of him. He told the nurses to reschedule me for when he was in office and made me see him, he said I could not see the other doctor and cut my meds in half then I lost my job.

    Now without a job I could end up homeless, without the medical treatment I could die when my hemoglobin count hits 5 I am pretty much at deaths door, it should be 15 and right now I am at 7 but without insurance they cannot due the transfusion unless I am at a 5 but there is no way for me to tell when I hit 5 unless I go in to get tested or wait to have a heart attack or stroke. I know my pain medication seems extreme but so are my injuries and conditions, I have been on pain meds since 2003 and I have a very high tolerance to anything, after my surgery the doctors had some issues and had to give me 4 injections of something when the normal calls for 1 injection. No matter what you think of my medication amounts I am where I am and to cut me in half like my doctor has done is dangerous. We had a bad snow storm back in Feb and I could not get to the Dr. I spent 7 days without my pain meds and I did not sleep for 5 days then on day 6 passed out for an hour or two then woke back up, I was unable to eat for those 7 days. I did not get any withdraw symptoms until day 6 so for the first 5 days I just had horrible pain in my neck and head, no pain anywhere else, no cold sweets, no diarrhea, some stomach cramps but that’s from not eating because of pain I get extremely nauseous. I didn’t need my medicine to help me with my withdraws I needed it to help me with my pain.

    What do I want? Well I want a doctor who will listen to me, I want the continue working but that would require my medication to be back where it was, I want to be treated and off the medication but that takes time and money, I don’t have the money. If I can get back to work I can cover my own surgery but I can’t get back to work without the proper pain management. Now with the situation I am in I can barely afford to see my current doctor let alone a new one. I have no insurance so I have to pay cash and I cannot afford to pay $250 to see a doctor for him to say he won’t prescribe the medication or treatments that I need.

    If anyone live in the Tulsa OK area and know of a doctor or group of doctors who can help me with everything or one for my pain management, one for my treatments or surgery, one for my anemia. I really need the first and last I can work on the second later. Please let me know. If anyone would wish to make donations to help out I am willing to accept, in the past I wasn’t I was working and proud but now with my life on the line I will take any help I can get. If anyone wants to reply just to criticize me please don’t I get enough of that already from family and friends, not all of them some understand, but some think the worst pain ever is from a tooth ace. I have passed 4 kidney stones and that is painful but on a scale of 1 to 10 compared to my neck the kidney stones are a 0.01 and the neck pain a 20. I would take kidney stones once a month for the rest of my life rather than deal with this pain for another year, but if I don’t do something I will deal with this pain 24/7 for the rest of my life, which may be very short if it comes to that. I don’t smoke, drink, or do drugs. I mostly lay in bed and take my medications, I have a PlayStation 2 and 70 games but I can’t play it, I can’t sit up and playing a video game laying down is not easy. I just want to live a normal life or some resemblance of it. I have pages and pages of records, I am not looking for a give you what you want doctor, it looks bad on your medical history and they get shut down too easy. Not to mention that it makes it harder on those of us that need medication when people who do not need it get it as well.

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    Default Additional Info / Lyrica and Oxycotin

    At one time I was on Lyrica 200mg 4 times a day, 80mg Oxycotin 2x day and 30mg Oxycodone 1 every 4 to 6 hours. I was doing well then this Dr shut down her practice while I was in recovery after having neck surgery and the new Dr I was referred to did not believe in Oxycotin and cut it out, well then my Oxycodone usage shot up a little that was in 2008, then the company I had insurance through went out of business earlier this year and I lost the Lyrica and it shot up again, that is how I got up to 10 to 12 a day!

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