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    Question Watch List

    I cracked a tooth over the weekend and it hurt really bad. I went to my dentist today. He said it needed to be pulled. I didn't have the money until the end of the week. I asked him if he could give me something for the pain until then. He then opened my file and told me that he couldn't. He said that "I'm being watched". He had a sheet of paper in my file of some kind of print out of every prescription I've gotten he said in the last "quarter". I couldn't see the whole list. I just saw the list of medications (all narcotics) and the list of pharmacies where they were filled. I know Florida had a new drug law go into effect on July 1, 2011. Where would this list he has have come from? My insurance, DEA? Would he have to have requested it somehow? I did see Percocets listed a couple times and I have only had one perc script for 20 pills this year back in January. What does this mean for me? I had a couple surgeries earlier this year and fractured my cheekbone, so I have had several scripts for Hydros. But I don't know if the list he has is even accurate. I know I can't handle getting 3 teeth pulled the end of this week with out pain meds. Can anybody help?

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    Default Still no answers??

    I really need some help with this. I'm supposed to have some oral surgery, but I know I can't handle the pain without medication. So if I'm on some list where I'm not going to be allowed to fill any prescriptions for narcotic pain meds, I need to cancel the surgery for now. If anyone has heard about something like this, please let me know.

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    Hi There,

    I tried to respond to your post the other day and somehow deleted it and then didn't have the time to repost. So sorry.

    Here's my take: I'm in Massachusetts and it's the insurance companies who usually raise the flag when pain killers are prescribed too often (in their opinion) or if you had overlapping scripts (for instance, you had a 30 days supply and then had another script from a different doctor/dentist before those 30 days were up) or if you are/were getting multiple scripts from various doctors during the same period of time. For instance, saw your primary care doc and got a 30 day supply and a couple of weeks later, saw your dentist and got a script for 3 days supply, then back to your primary at exactly or nearly 30 days later for a refill, two months later saw an orthopedic surgeon for your back and got another 30 days supply. That scenario alone might raise a flag.

    Pharmacies, too in Mass have data bases where they share this same info. If you believe that you haven't really had that many scripts for narcotics or if they weren't from various doctors/dentists then I'd certainly ask either your primary care doc or contact your insurance company and ask for that list. You ought to be entitled to it because it's your medical information. Look at it closely and if there are errors, and believe it or not they do sometimes make errors, then let them know by calling them and back it up in writing. This happened to me once and when I reviewed the list there were two doctors on the list that I had never even heard of let alone seen. Mind you, I was abusing at that time and it really didn't make that much of a difference in my case but nonetheless I know for a fact that errors can be made by a simple data entry mistake by a person with quick fingers!

    In the end though, it's usually your insurance company that will deny your refill if you are trying to fill a script for any medication when you shouldn't be out yet and due for a refill. It's worse for narcotics though. If you haven't had any recent scripts even if you're on a watch list, they won't refuse to fill it but they might call the doc/dentist who wrote the script to confirm it's legit.

    Good luck. Hope this helps.



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    Default I'm in Va. & am on the "LIST"

    I have talked it over with the pharmacist that I use & he told me anyone taking sch.II / class II narcotic's go on a list automatically.. I was just in there to pick up a refill & we talked about some options for sleep that I have taken before & he went to the computer & brought up everything I have had filled right there in front of me. I did not care because I am not abusing & am only using 1 doctor & that 1 pharmacy & they've been up front with me about being watched. I was told that my pain is legit & I'm not abusing or Dr. shopping so have no problem working on a plan to manage my issues. So unless you are shopping or abusing you really don't have anything to worry about but as the other person posted ask to get a copy of the list that way you can check to make sure its correct.
    I always check before I leave the store because I was asked about a medication from a differnent Dr. & I told them not me... Here they have another patient with same first & last name taking narcotics also so that could be a problem too to watch out for..

    Hope this helps & I can't see how you will be refused medications after a surgery BUT if you are told that I would never go thru with the operation until its straightened out

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