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Wellbutrin with Adderall or Ritalin?
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    Default Wellbutrin with Adderall or Ritalin?

    I have been prescribed wellbutrin 300mg daily for anxiety/depression/add for almost 6 months now and have noticed a boost in happiness and i am less tired but i will be trying adderall or ritalin.
    what would work best with wellbutrin?

    i have tried adderall XR 30mg many times from a friend with prescription and found it to be great with my wellbutrin and it helps with my focus, motivation, and keeps me alert, even makes me happy to do stuff like study cand clean the house, even makes me feel relaxed.

    i have tried ritalin as well and found it makes me edgy, anxious, nervous, unhappy and i will not eat a thing while on it..

    though i have not taken adderall for more than a day at a time, so what would be best to combine with wellbutrin? Vyvanse maybe? or try adderall prescription?

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    Quit playing doctor and self medicating, if you have a legitimate need for pharmaceuticals your doctor will prescribe them to you. We're not qualified to assess what cocktail combo you should consider.

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