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what to expect?help
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    Default what to expect?help

    Hi I just recently went to a pain clinic for the first time now some of my family members went in with me where they told my pm doctor i am a ex drug attic and to keep me away from pain meds well to make a long story short the pain dr started me out on hydrocodone in which leads to my question I guess starting out on hydros is ok since i dont have any previous pain meds except for tramodol so they had to start me somewhere right? but heres my question since they was told to keep me away from the pain meds can I expect them to move me up on the next visit or am i screwed or if i was screwed would they have even given me the hydros?? i am 32 and told them i had a past abuse of oxycontin which they said they didnt prescribe there but would start me out on something small since i hadnt been taking anything ... I just need to know what to expect on my next visit and if they will be moving me up on my meds since they know i was hooked on oxys??? Please alll input is appreciated....

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    Post My Experience w/ Pain Management

    It's always good to be up front with your Doctors if you have or had a problem with drugs. This doesn't really mean they WON'T try to help you with your pain, but with pain management, they watch you very closely. When you begin treatment, you have to sign a form saying you'll ONLY get meds from them, and they even have to tell them WHICH Pharmacy you will always get them filled out. The contract also states that they are entitled to do random drug screens, etc. I was in Pain Management for about 2 years... The reason I stopped was b/c I realized the meds weren't "helping" me... I mean, yes, they made it to where I could actually get out of bed (with a back injury), however, I also knew all they were doing was covering it up, and not "fixing" it. The only thing I would think they may do differently for you would be to either check your prescription use (by getting it from the Federal Government--where all you've had prescriptions filled--IF you've even done it) and they may increase the frequency of drug screens, at least for a while. And, trust me, the drug screen is simply sprung on you, and it is VERY THOROUGH... Not to scare you, by any means, but just so you know what to expect. Also, because they ARE regulated and watched SO closely by the FDA, they watch every little thing. It's against the law and their policies to call in ANY prescription for you, and they will NEVER (under any circumstances) refill a prescription ahead of time. They are required by law to dispense enough meds to last you exactly 30 days... Also, in case you aren't aware (as they don't tend to let you know this) most of the Scheduled Drugs they prescribe CANNOT be filled, say 1/2 of the prescription now, and the other 1/2 in two weeks. If you do not get the whole prescription filled, you will only have the number of pills you paid for. (A friend of mine ran into this, trying to get 1/2 of the prescription, due to financial issues, only to come back for the remaining, and being told they can't be filled).

    And, if you ARE a recovering addict, (and congrats for being able to stop in the first place!!) you may want to get a trusted friend or family member to dispense your daily dose (or hourly--whatever you're most comfortable with) to you, and let them keep the others hidden... As, being recovered and now starting up the very thing that made you fall off in the first place can be dangerous.

    I'm pretty sure the Doctor is just trying this to see if you CAN handle the meds, or not... They can get information on any and every drug store you've used, whether you used insurance or not, etc... And the drug test they use costs close to $700 (w/o insurance), so it can test for even trace amounts of ANY OTHER MEDS...But, they're not only testing you for other meds in your system, they're making sure the drugs they give you are in your system as well--and know to the milligram how much should show up. If you are found to have NONE of their drugs in your system (say, if you use more than they say, and then come appointment day, are in withdrawals and don't have any pills left) they may assume you're selling them (which is a problem with these facilities--making it even harder for those who DO need the meds). Some of the facilities are extremely strict and will immediately stop prescribing Narcotics to you... Other facilities will give you one warning, but after that, they will tell you they will no longer prescribe Narcotics to you. (And, you can't blame them--can you imagine how much trouble they'd be in by the DEA?!)

    As for if they will go up on your amount, or maybe even change the type of meds on your next visit, it will totally depend on what the Doctor thinks is best. Let me just say, PLEASE be totally honest with them!!! That's the only way they'll know the best course of action.... If they prescribed you (this time) to take 3-5mg pills a day (for instance) and you tell them that it's not even touching the pain, or that it doesn't help at night, or something like that (just for example), then, they may know of something else that might help better. OR, they may just go up to, say, 6 pills a day--or something to that effect.

    Like I said, they helped me immensely, but I just knew (like I said) it was a cover-up. Coming off the meds is horrible, as well... Anyway, sorry for rambling, but I added more info, in case other people were in the same boat.

    Good luck, and just TRY to be strong!!!

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