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What happens if you mix Prozac and Methadone?
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    Question What happens if you mix Prozac and Methadone?

    What happens if you mix prozac and methadone? Would it give the same effect as methadone and valium?

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    It has also been found that fluoxetine (Prozac) also raises methadone levels, but only of a slight order, perhaps 10% whereas fluvoxamine may do so by 50% or more. It is possible that this effect could
    be used 'therapeutically' when higher methadone levels are desired, but it could also be very dangerous. Consult a Doctor before taking any of these medications together as serious interactions may occur.

    One word to the wise DONT mix meds if you have no idea what the outcome may be! Certain "cocktails" can kill you easily when you thought it would be harmless. So seriously and this means everyone DONT MIX MEDS W/O ASKING A DR.

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    You should never mix methadone with A)Benzodiazepines B) Booze C)Anti-depressants. Any drug that slows down your respitory system should be avoided when taking methadone. I hope you're prescribed the methadone because it is a powerful opiate with out the usual high associated with opiates leading the user to od very easily by taking to much or mixing other drugs to try and get high.....Good luck and only take these drug if they're prescribed........Dave

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    Default Combining methadone with my anti-depressant

    Im currently perscribed 120mg of Methadone and about a month and a half ago i was perscribed fluvoxamine and almost as soon as a started taking it, it made me sick but i decided to give it a chance and stayed on it for about a month but now once ive decided to stop taking it ive felt very strange just like i did while i was taking it and now its been about 7 days now since the last pill i took and i was wondering how long these side effects will persist.

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    Default Prozac + Methadone

    Prozac generally should not be taken with methadone. While not lethal, for some patients It can lead to multiple complications including low blood pressure,dizzines, slowed breathing, extreme drowsiness, as well as in some reports flu like nausea. This is true with not just Prozac but with many other anti-depressants as well as many of the perscribed stomache acid inhibitors. If your on a methadone regimen most anti-depressants should be avoided. As for stopping the use of your prozac, you may experience side effects that you can expect to last no more than 7-12 days. If they persist after that consult your doctor. I hope I could be of help.

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