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What are the immense effects of Diabetes
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    Default What are the immense effects of Diabetes

    Hi friends,

    Here I come to know the immense effects of Diabetes and how it affected one's daily life. Please suggest me the solutions also.

    Thanks in advance.

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    If you go to Ask a question and type in Oxycontin 80mg and Oxycodone 30mg you will see a little about my Diabetes type II. You will eventually develop Neuropathy in your feet and hands. You need to be very careful with your sugar intake. Your body will use what it needs and discard the rest via your bladder. This means it will get out of your system when you urinate. The problem with this is that, if your sugars are high, you will have a very keytone count and that will cause you MANY problems. Especially in the bedroom department. Watch how much sugar you consume, eat healthy, and exercise. Ask your DR. for information on taking Lyrica and you will need to be on some sort of pain management regimen as the PAIN will be immense. Neuropathy is for life. It will lessen over time with the right meds, but it NEVER goes completely away. Diabetes can affect your vision and if you do not take your medications you WILL lose a foot or even your leg. I am not joking. Take your medications religiously. Never miss a dose, and if you do the take it. Talk with your Dr. and together you will come up with the best possible approach that fits your needs. I hope this helps. Thank you and enjoy what remains of your weekend.

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    It happens so that Diabetes affects the blood sugar more directly than it does any other function of the body. This can lead to either hyperglycemia, where blood sugar skyrockets past the normal healthy levels, or hypoglycemia, where the opposite occurs and blood sugar plummets.

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