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What is my risk of pregnancy?
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    Default What is my risk of pregnancy?

    I am very careful about taking my birth control pill every day. I wasn’t on the birth control and was taking the placebos as it was the last day of my period, this day I had sex and my boyfriend feared he finished a bit in me so I took a plan B (About 13 hours later) just to be safe. Then the next day I started my BC pack again and a few hours after taking my pill we had sex again. This time he accidentally didn’t pull out on time, I was nervous and doubled up on birth control for that day. I don’t know if it is safe to take Plan B again or if it is worth it as I had took it 24 hours before the second case of unprotected sex. What are my chances of pregnancy? And should I be worried?

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    You should be good as long as your taking your birth control pills

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