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what's best for chronic pain
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    Default what's best for chronic pain

    I was taken off oxycodone almost 2 months ago and wasn't told I couldn't go back on it if the oxycotten didn't work. After only 4 days I called to let the doctor know that the tiredness I felt before was now to the point all I could do was sleep. I had to go in at which time she got upset with me and straight up did not and would not listen to why the other worked better.
    I could schedule it around my work hours, still able to care for my daughter who has Down syndrome. Yes I had at least a 75% improvement in pain. I just slept. My pain is minimized because I'm not doing anything.
    Now I've been out of work a month. Unable to sit very long, need help getting in shower,had to be creative so I can clean myself after bathroom trips and close to having to resign from my job I've had 19 years
    I decided to change clinics although the care I received 3+ years until I was seen by this new doctor was excellent. I went to the new clinic Tuesday. Had 2 oxycotten left. She was only able to prescribe 5/325 oxycodone 3 times a day until she had the records that will take 2 weeks. Out of work some more. The new doctor stated I would be prescribed another time release medication. I know I can not tell her what to prescribe but can give reason why I should not take it. I am allergic to morphine. Please HEIP.

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    Have you tried any topical chronic pain relief creams or gels? I never get relief from oral pills and I find numb or burning effects gels especially with turpentine essence working better.

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    I'm on ultram & anti-inflammatory that help me & it might be helpfull for your pain too

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    My advice early on would be to have tried to stay on the OxyContin and see if the sedation got better over time . When I ask docs to consider a different Med than they offer I put it to them like this " Woukd you consider .....because of ....."
    That way you are not telling them what to do but asking them to collaborate with you
    Is there a family member who could go in to the apt with you and back up what you are saying ----- about being productive on the short acting Med etc?
    Right now ESP . Pain docs want to get away from prescribing short acting meds because they are easily sold . Of course the long acting ones are also but you have a fewer number to sell of the long acting meds if that makes any sense .
    There is also the common belief that patients DoBetter on long acting meds >>. short acting forms
    It will be an uphill battle to make your case but I am pulling for you
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    Acetaminophen, such as Tylenol. A variety of creams, gels, sprays, and patches may be used to relieve chronic pain with a substance of Capsaicin.
    Capsaicin is a substance found in hot chili peppers. When applied to the skin over the affected area, medicines containing capsaicin may be used as pain relievers for rheumatoid arthritis, postherpetic neuralgia, and other conditions.

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