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Where can i send my pill to test if its safe for human consumption.
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    Default Where can i send my pill to test if its safe for human consumption.

    Hello all! Im new here and just had a quick question. I have made a pill with different amounts of herbal ingredients found in other similar substances. I am not a scientist but would like to get this pill tested to see if it would be safe for distribution. I want to sell it to friends and others. It is a pill to help with memory and dreaming. I just need to make sure all the doses are right and the combination of herbal mixtures is not harmful in any way.

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    Supplements don't have to be FDA approved but you can get yourself in a world of mess if you make some people sick or worse. I wouldn't have the nerve to make something for consumption that affects brain activity.
    I am not a dr. My statements are based on years of experience and related education. Consult with the professional of your choice regarding matters of concern.

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