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Where do we go from here???
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    Post Where do we go from here???

    Hello Drugs dot com

    I will keep this short in the interest of answers, my mom has small cell lung cancer that has metastasized threw out her body, she has been on methadone and percocet for about 15 years now and she was diagnosed with the cancer a year in a half ago. She is in so much pain and I need to know what to ask hospice to prescribe her. Her current dose is 100mg methadone a day and then she has the 30mg oxycodone tablets every three hours as needed. She is still in alot of pain with the current meds and was wanting to substitute out the oxycodone for something a bit stronger, what is there out there stronger and what should be our next move up the pill ladder?

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    You need to ask the prescribing doctor what options are available. They will do a conversion calculation. Whatever new drug they start might be less than the equivalent conversion, until they know how she will react, then they will gradually increase the dose until pain relief is achieved. If she is in hospice now it is time to switch her from the methadone/percoset to something more appropriate for her situation. Methadone is not the best drug for pain relief, but I cannot recommend which one is. Part of it depends on the protocol her caregivers are accustomed to. What you need to do is simply be firm in telling them the message that her meds are not working and she needs to be switched to an entirely new and more appropriate regimen. So sorry you and your mom are going through this. I wish you the best.
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