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Will my withdrawals start over after relapsing one pill on the 5th day?
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    Default Will my withdrawals start over after relapsing one pill on the 5th day?

    I relapsed after 5 days clean. I was using kratom for withdrawal with little relief . I went to get some tramadol hoping I could get at least a little sleep, and thinking it may help more than the kratom. I ended up buying a pill and IV'ing it. I feel like an idiot and can't believe I did it, but I just wanted some sleep.

    I weaned down from IV'ing 60-150 mg of oxy a day and weaned down with percocet. I got down to 30 mg a day orally before I ran out and had to stop all together. I was using very small doses of kratom. I thought tramadol would be more effective and made a huge mistake buying a roxy. I used the logic that the tramadol was going to fill the receptors and I might as well get a little sleepbefore I switched.

    I need to know if I'm going to go back to day one over this one pill. If so will the tramadol help the withdrawals enough so I'm not being tortured and end up relapsing again. I really want to get off these pills, and now I'm scared to death I've set my withdrawals back to day one. These last 5 days have felt like months. Any experiences are greatly appreciated. Any advise. Thank you ahead of time.

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    Hi and Welcome,

    I am going to share a bit of experience and advice with you. The only way to get through detox and onto recovery and to STOP! Everything. It seems like such a good idea to use things that are less strong like the trams or kratom. The truth is that they will not make things much easier, if at all and in fact will only prolong your detox. That's a fact.

    Will this send you back to Day 1? If you've been using kratom even in small doses, you haven't even had your Day 1. I'm not being mean. I used to be you. I'd go to any extent to taper, substitute--any plan that might make detox more bearable. From my experience (and I have a lot of it) the only way to get it done is to dive in and do it.

    My hope is that you haven't set yourself all the way back to a new Day 1 but it doesn't really matter. Move on. Forget the blip and just get on with it. Stay around this Forum and read, read read and then post, post, post. There are some pretty amazing people here that will support you and make you feel better and not so alone.

    You can do this. I've done it. I've seen countless others who have done it. If you're ready, jump in with both feet and get 'er done. We're here waiting for you.


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    100% Cat is right!

    There is no easy way to get clean..
    There is no easy way to stay clean!

    It is the hardest thing we will ever do!


    With the greatest payoff..

    The Thomas Receipe on here has helped many ..
    Minus the benzo the supplements really do help..

    I will post it for you!

    Keep posting !

    You can do this!

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