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Yutopar?or Ritodrine? exposed to unborn babies 1980-1990
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    Exclamation Yutopar?or Ritodrine? exposed to unborn babies 1980-1990

    I took this drug in 1982 and now my daughter who is 30yrs. old is having severe mental and emotional problems. I'm looking for more parents that are facing the same issue. She started having these problems around 12 yrs. old and I do think this drug had something to do with it. What do you think?

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    I'm wondering this too. I took the drug IV at 28 weeks then orally. Kept baby till 36 weeks but at 23 he has emotional problems and is possibly bi-polar. Other younger son is fine

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    Hello. I am a woman 35 years old, my mother got ritodrinein her pregnancy of me. for long I have questioned in myself why I have a difficult love issue… As if feeling love triggers a reaction in me that I get upset. I desire love, bud being afraid, feeling as if it not allowed. forbidden. I am a very gifted per on, have many talents. bud why is it so difficult for me to put myself in the world? a feeling of stress all the time. having difficult love relationships where I feel insecure, get upset, feel bad, guilt of not loving enough.. get depressed, having eating disorders. For this pattern of love imploding and getting down, i am going into a traject of regression-therapy. during the intake the therapist asked me about the pregnancy of my mother, I told het that my mother had contractions at 24 weeks of pregnancy. she went to the hospital and got a infuus of ritodrine. and later ritodrine pils. I realized that labour is started by Oxytocine, the LOVE hormone which is suppressed by an antagonist… Adrenaline…. So yesterday I started reading about these contraction inhibitors. I called my mother to ask what she got in the hospital, so today she called the dokter and there she found in her file that she got Ritodrine. Reading about this being a adrenaline like subsance, gave me the insight of this deep unconscious layer of feeling stressed. Adrenaline give the effect of freeze, flight, fright… Being depressed-freezes, having panic reaction and running away-flight, or getting upset, angy and aggressive-fight…. On this physiologic level of neurotransmitters and homones lies a root of my problem with life. reading all the messages on this website that have been written here by all the loving parents, it is like looking is some kind of mirror, realizing i have found a very deep insight in many difficulties in my life. A very nice side effect of getting to know this about myself is that i can let go a very deep rooted feeling of guilt, I am born with a prenatal damage, I have to deal with this, I am a person of light and love, struggling with this deep rooted damage. I have faith and believe in the good, the love and the possibility to stand up in life…. this way I do not have to feel victim of some bad pharmacist because it gave me the possibility to live and learn, to forgive and step by step…love… These doctors did what they could to keep me alive and save my parents only daughter. These doctors did not know, we have to forgive, love, Oxitocine… So I go on on my path going up and down, walking on edges and borders, opening and closing doors. I have the help of homeopathic remedies and beautiful flower remedies to let me remember love, softness, joy and release the old pain and stress.
    I found a natural medicine Rhodiola Rosea, that works on to reduce the adrenaline (Stress, flight, fight, freeze reaction) levels and increases the serotonin levels( good mood, feeling secure, positive etc) I am taking this now and it eases me I feel less tight, stress and I feel it has a positive influence on the deep rooted damage that was done during my mothers pregnancy where she was given Ritorine. It is an antidepressant, reduces stress. Because i do not want to take any chemical antidepressant or whatever, this is a very good alternative I think.
    Thanks all for posting your stories and thank for reading, please leave a reply

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