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Zoloft causing extreme panic on week 1
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    Default Zoloft causing extreme panic on week 1

    I have terrible anxiety and was started on zoloft in order to try and control it.

    I was told it would be several weeks before it started working.. I am in college and have left two classes mid class because I felt like I was about to panic. I have anxiety even just sitting in my room alone right now, and I just feel AWFUL. I emailed my college PA who was the one that prescribed it to me and she said I need to try and stay on it a little longer. I feel like I am going to flunk out of college due to missing so many classes due to my anxiety.

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    You are having a reaction to the Zoloft. If it were me I'd stop taking it right now.

    I hate to disagree with your PA but in my opinion and experience, the worst thing you can do is to start taking an SSRI (Zoloft is an SSRI). They are extremely addictive but not in the classic way, so the drug companies and doctors don't tell you that fact. You will hear of something called "discontinuation syndrome" instead which is just verbal dancing around the facts. If you have an anxiety/panic problem the last thing you need is to become dependent on a drug that will cause you extreme anxiety and panic if/when you decide to get off of it. Other anti-anxiety drugs will cause the same problem. The next thing they might give you is a benzodiazepine; I would stay far away from those too.

    People with primary anxiety/panic problems are very vulnerable to the negative effects of ANY drug that messes with your neurotransmitters. This includes SSRI antidepressants, benzos, the so-called "Z" drugs, opiates, alcohol, and illegal recreational drugs. It is very important that you avoid all of these substances because they make you much worse in the long run, although they may give you short term relief.

    The most effective treatment for your disorder is cognitive behavioral therapy, nutritional and lifestyle changes, and a good support group. I highly recommend you find a support group and attend a meeting or two. Sometimes just finding out that you are not alone and there are others around you with the same problem is enough to lower your anxiety and stop the panic attacks. The anxiety and anticipation of another attack gets into a feedback loop, creating an ever worsening problem. You have to short circuit this by pushing through the attacks. Stay in the situation and let it pass like a wave. Realize you won't die, and avoid building yet more anxiety about being in these situations.

    Nutrition is incredibly important. It is at the root of these disorders. Learn about digestion and brain chemistry. There is a direct connection. Your GABA and other neurotransmitters malfunction when you do not support them with proper proteins, fats, minerals and vitamins. Our modern diet is lacking in many necessary nutrients. Get books and learn about this, it will improve your life tremendously. The bottom line is that you need to get back to unprocessed, non-industrialized, whole foods. Meat that is not fed grain but is pastured, wild caught fish, organic non-starchy vegetables, preferably no grains at all.

    A quick fix you can try: get some farm eggs (true free range chicken, the yolks will be DARK yellow and they may be fertilized). Eat one or two for breakfast either soft boiled, or cooked with butter or coconut oil and NO carbs at all, no bread, no cereal, no yogurt, just the eggs. See if your anxiety begins to go down within a day or two. If you can't get farm eggs, do the best you can with what the store has. The more expensive the better (free range, organic), you can tell by the darkness of the yolk and thickness of the white and sometimes thickness of the shell. If this helps you, try cutting out all bread, pasta, and sugar. Eat only protein and good fats, try to stay under 30 gms of carbs per day. In three days of starting this you should feel a big change and huge improvement.

    Stop all caffeine, sometimes that alone triggers these panic attacks and generalized anxiety states. If you consume caffeine every day you will need to wean slowly or you will get the caffeine withdrawal headache.

    This may be a lifelong tendency toward these problems but it can peak at college age and naturally improve as you age so don't feel like you're doomed to it. You will be much better in the long run avoiding pills and learning everything you can about nutrition.
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