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are 10mg oxycodone tabs available yet?
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    Default are 10mg oxycodone tabs available yet?

    i was wondering if anyone knows if ethex or any other company started making 10mg oxycodone irs yet? ethex ones were recalled awile back,are they being made yet?or did maybe another company start making that dose? the 15mg and 30mg are being made by several companies,i dont know why more of them wouldnt want to make a 10mg dose.its the perfect dose for people taking percocet 10mg,who no longer want to take the tylenol.

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    The pharmacy couldn't fill the script for 10mg oxycodone I tried to pick up for Melinda following her surgery last week. Had to double-up on the 5mg. That was the best we could do.

    The pharmacy said they had 10mg oxycodone on back order. That's all we were told so they didn't give us the status other than that. God bless.

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