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anyone try new the new generic perks??
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    Default anyone try new the new generic perks??

    there are a few new generic percocets showing up.mylan is making perks now,and IP-amneal. and also it seems like these new ones are replacing the old can no longer find the roxicets,mallinckrodt,or watson around my area.has anyone tried any of these new generics? and how do they compare??

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    Default New percs

    I tried them a few week ago they seemed to be about the same. I seem to like the vic10.325 better they seem to last longer.You take percocet 3 a day at the end of the first2-3-days i almost have to 8-9 a day. i'am actually persribed vicoprophen 7.5/200. take 3-4 and the help just as well and i don't burnt out on them so much.the vic10.250 works pretty good
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