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Cant Go Back To My Orig. Dr. untill 6 months ?
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    Default Cant Go Back To My Orig. Dr. untill 6 months ?


    I live in florida. I have slipped discs , herniated disc and bulging discs in my back . I was seeing My dr. for last 5 years and was happy with him but they just stopped taking medicaid . They had told me once they faxed all my records to a new dr that i wouldnt be able to come back and get treatment there until 6 months . My question is this a LAW ?

    I wanna go back to him because now , with this new dr. 1st before i switched i asked them over the phone that i was on percocet and methadone , n would i be able to stay on those meds that are helping me so much ? The new dr office said we cant answer that over the phone. I said OKAY , Then i asked well does the Dr. there subscribe these meds to patients, the nurse on the phone said yes . So i took my shot and had all my files switched .

    Now im waiting , they said there " reviewing " my case . just yesterday they called me and said the Dr. here does not prescribe methadone . I said well you told me over the phone he did . They said whod ya speak to , i never got the name . So i asked them well will you be able to prescribe me percocet . And they said we will get back to you after we talk to the doctor .

    I made such a ,mistake , i wanna go back to my regular dr. i dont know why i cant just have them refax my records to my original dr. and be able to see him again .

    Ive been on these meds 5 long years and they truly do work . without them i will have a hard time moving at all and my back will go out alot.

    What are my options ? Is this a law that i cant go back to my dr .??? Any suggestions will be very helpful ....

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    dont know your answer but i been on methadone for 7 years im scared for you just on the methadone issue because you are going to be in severe withdraw from methadone

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    I am sorry for your fear and it is valid. First off, calling them and just asking about these pain meds probably raised some red flags. I am sorry to tell you this but it is true, at least in my state. Unfortunately It is quite difficult to acquire effective pain management but it can be done. First I would meet with this Dr, be honest about your situation and tell him your concerns especially about the methadone. It is not humane to be taking away methadone abruptly you will get sick!! Another idea I had was calling your original Dr and ask them to please give a message to him. Tell them about not being able to get your medication from this new Dr. They may write you a script for what you need since you have been an established patient for some time. If none of this works I would contact an advocate or human right group. Search the internet or call your local dept of human service and ask if they have any case managers who can assist you. Be creative in trying to solve this issue. Those of us who have chronic pain must band together & fight for our right to not be in pain 24/7 when there are treatment intervention that will and do increase our quality of life. I wish you the best of luck. Don't give up!! Jan
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