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    Question Chantix

    What do you think about chantix? I have heard good and bad things about it. My doctor prescribed it to me and also prescribed me celexa. He told me to wait a month to start the the chantix . He also said medicaid would pay for it. When I went back in a month he told me he wouldn't think it would be a good idea for me to take the chantix with the celexa and medicaid wouldn't pay for it. What do you think?

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    I had decided to quit smoking with the aid of Chantix, a prescription drug that comes with a wide array of side effects. It makes smoking taste like the armpit of an unshowered sumo wrestler. It fills you with more gas than the Hindenburg, with similarly explosive results. I even had to divorce my beloved beer, since beer made me want to smoke, and smoking made me want to puke.

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    I had no trouble with the side effects that many people talk of. I did have to pay for it as my insurance would not cover it. I took it for a week while I continued to smoke. When I stopped smoking the cravings were much less than I have experienced in the past.

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    In Colorado Chantix is covered. The problem is First you must use the gum, inhaler, patch, nasal spray, lozenge and bupropion. Then you must take cessation classes, Medicaid covers two 90 day sessions a year. Then after a letter of prior authorization is approved from the department, you maybe able to get chantix at no cost to you, maybe.

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    Ive not heard anything about chantix, but my friend used celexa.
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    Chantix is actually a non-nicotine medicine which has been prescribed with other support which will help in quitting smoking after 18 & over aged peoples.

    It's known that everything has their pros and cons or can say that their benefits and harms!

    Chantix also has their own. Chantix is actually something different from other smoking healting products. It shows their effects in two days,

    And it is highly recommended that you should start your Chantix treatment one week heretofore quitting smoking. I think after starting the Chantix treatment you will smoking throughout the first week but after completion of 8 days, you will cut it totally!

    But you should have to do a strong care of yourself during the whole treatment process.


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    On day 9 of Chantix, still smoking, but much less before Chantix. Can anyone share experience of how long they took it before completely quitting? Thanks in advance!

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