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day 6 off suboxone...
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    Lightbulb day 6 off suboxone...

    I've been and opiate addict for
    22 yrs ,and have spend most of that time on methodone,I've had brief clean time over this time the longest being 5 yrs.any when I decided to come off methodone which was a fast decrease epecailly with two kids to look after, I was advised to go on suboxone , and deeply request that decision ,as it took 3 weeks for the suboxone to work ,and I'm sure the worst of the methodone withdrawl would have been over by then...even so I found I was way more active on suboxone and started running and leading a much healer lifestyle,I started reducing on suboxone, got down to 4 MG and then was accepted for interferon Programe and slowly went back up to 12 MG, any way I'm 12 weeks of interferon and 6 days off suboxone,my worst symtoms are lack of sleep and leg cramps,I was just wondering if anyone had tried acupuncture for withdrawl symptoms ,and if it's helped......

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    Hey there,
    Acupuncture for anything is good. So many natural treatments out there... and since the chemical kind haven't worked for us, why not try something that has been around for so long.
    I think the key point to consider is do you believe ? Our thoughts are so powerful so sit in silence and ask yourself if this will help, do you want it to help and anything else you need answers to.
    I am glad you have a great taste for life, that will keep you motivated to gain control of the life you were meant to live.
    Welcome to freedom!
    Love and light
    Butterfly xxoo

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    Thumbs up day 7

    Thanks,I've used acupuncture before ,so I thought it might help with my detox ,I've had detox nurses coming around giving me small amounts of diazapam,but I've stopped taking it as it was making me feel foggy..on on day 7 now and feeling much better....Thank you for your encouraging words....I really feel this isis the end of the road for me when it comes to drugs ,I've spend 2 years in therapy ,group and one on one counceling and have learnt a lot about myself,I'm enjoying life right now,and don't want to go back to that dark place I was in....
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