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Dr. Has high mort payment on his vacation home-refuses 2 help in getting of suboxone
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    Default Dr. Has high mort payment on his vacation home-refuses 2 help in getting of suboxone

    Hello All, Sorry for being sarcastic but i go to a doctor who takes only cash and has a bullet proof window at the reception desk! i got addicted to norco after breast cancer 5 years ago. was put on suboxone by a doctor who was concerned for my well being. i never bothered to find info this dangerous drug . i have been on 2 to 3 mg for 2 years now. i really do not think these doctors who are shoveling this drug out to people know what they are doing. i asked him 3 weeks ago to help me get off it, i told him it did not mix well with my HEART FAILURE medication. he claims that this is a safe drug ,doing me no harm and that i should stay on it. it said it was the HEART FAILURE drugs that were making me sleepy,anxious and isolating for the past year.! i was shocked and left the office having no faith in this doctor.
    Since then I have been going lower and lower and i am down to 1/4 tab 9 am and 1/4 tab 9pm. that is a 2 mg tablet. tonight i had such bad restless legs i only wanted to jump back on the drug. i took some loperamide hydrochloride and i felt better. i only hope i do not get addicted to that drug.
    I came here last week and you all have scared the ******** out of me about the withdrawals and how long i will be miserable.
    I wanted to know if anyone has ever tried that place that puts you under anesthesia and cleans your opiate receptors or whatever they call is called rapid detox center, for $6,700 they keep you under for 45 minutes and then you wake up with no side effects.
    Also, do you ever get back to your old self? feel joy or happiness? are there any vitamins that make your brain get back to normal?
    Thanks for any info anyone can give me. My husband is on my back to get off of this drug, i am deathly afraid to go to 1/4 pill a day.
    Thanks again, shelley

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    Hi Shelly,

    I know about the breat cancer, my mom died of it an I have A typical cancer cells (cells have not turned to cancer but are on it's way) Tamoxfin has prevented the tumors from comming back.
    As for your problems. Rapid Detox is not the way to go according to the research that I have read. But everybody is different. As for the lack of trust in your doctor is a big problem. May I suggest go to web page and get a 2nd opinion. Go to the State Web Page (Medical Board) and check out your doctor. Find out if he/she is a Diplomate of the American Board of Addiction Medicine. This is a new board, but it will show if your doctor is at the top of his/her game.
    Keep the good work up. You really need a doctor you can trust. They have the education. Write the manfacture about the drugs you are on and get pamphlets on the drug. Suboxone has booklets on their drugs. It is for the patient !!!

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    I'll help you go down with these subs Shelley. You don't have to spend $6700 or any amount like that. If you'll just do what I suggest we can have you off the subs without a bunch of suffering. You just need to do it right. I do this every day. God bless.
    I am not a dr. My statements are based on years of experience and related education. Consult with the professional of your choice regarding matters of concern.

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