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drug interaction
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    Default drug interaction

    I am taking 3 mg.prednisone for polymyalgia rheumatica (reducing to 0 by Sept. '07.) I took 1000mg. amoxicillan for a dentist appt. Nov. 27, 2006 and the next day had a very sore, coated tongue which did not respond to any yeast meds. I soon developed very dry lips on the outer edges, and very moist sticky inner lips that continue to this day, along with a dry mouth. A lip biopsy showed inflamed salivery glands for which the doctors tell me there is no treatment. Certain foods seem to aggrivate these conditions. Could I be having a drug reaction even after all this time, between the large dose of amoxicillan and the prednisone? I also take 360 mg. verapamil.

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    I don't think it was a reaction between your antibiotics and prednisone. Whenever I have to go on prednisone the same things happen to me also. I get really bad thrush and my body gets really really tender until the drug is stopped. I hope this info helps.. take care

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