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duragesic patch
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    Default duragesic patch

    hello everyone , new here seems awkward to me i don't know how to do thids so i'll start off with saying i've been on the patch for about 3 years and to me it's been a godsend i'm on the brand 75 mcg's with 4 7.5 hydrocodone for breakthru which does'nt do anything and 150 mg's of lyrica and 200 mg a day of norflex . what a mouthful . i have c5-6, c6-7 disc bulging in my neck with ddd, and L4,L5 bulging disc's in my back with moderate spinal stenosis and degenerative facet disease.

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    Good ole back problems,I know what your talking about.I was on every opiate for 22 years before I got on methadone 4 years ago.Other than >>>>>> it's the best pain killer I've had and I only need to take it twice a day,150mgs in the am and 150mgs in the pm.Before I got on methadone I was eating 3,000mgs of morphine a day,it was killing me and also making me very depressed.Now all the depression is gone and I don't even nod out anymore.....Dave

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