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durugesic help
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    Default durugesic help

    i just started taking (using) patchess (50s) for ms related pain in the face. ive been on everything from morphine ( which works but leaves you very unmotivated) to talwyn to codein(like redhots does nothin) but i am having problems getting used to the 50 strength patch. i get increased heart rate, sweats,dizziness..etc.
    obviously i am getting too much drug. but the 25s are too light ( how much is too much and how much is just right?) all i want is to be relatively pain free. okay,i'd settle for 70 % of the time pain free. do i hear 50%?
    is there an adaption period or a tolerance building time to the patches?you'd think i could take elephant tranks by this time for pete's sake. you would't beleive the amount of morphine i can take.
    i am really tired of hurting all the time dammit. i'm sorry, i'm tired of it and i don't know who to nice lady to about it. i just keep telling myself it will get better eventually. or i remind myself of stephen hawking. anytime i feel really sorry for myself i think it could be worse i could be like him and have lou gehrig's. disease and be stuck in a chair . i can't walk too great but i'm ok.
    thanks for listening

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    Give yourself some time to get used to this drug.Fentynal is alot stronger than morphine so it will take alittle while for you to adjust.After a month if your not any better then see your doctor.....Dave

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