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False Positive THC
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    Default False Positive THC

    I am a professional in the Information Technology business. In a civil matter I ended up being arrested for a drug charge (POM) 6 months ago (I called them for help, my son 23 was trying to fight me and had pushed me down, I told him to get out he did not I called the cops, he led them in the house and there was stuff everywhere). I have not used the drug for months yet I still test positive. I take 11 medications for everything from LUPUS, Rey Nauds, sympatic dystrophy, Hypertension, Depression, PTSD (Vietnam Vet), killing fields, Operation Phoenix, Cambodia, Laos... you will only get denial of a lot of information. Such as I was not there, it did not happen and so on. In 2001 a man told me he was going to kill me on the road, I drove for over an hour to have him do nothing but follow me. I did call 911 3 times... , yep I went to jail for because he ran into me with his vehicle and I did a little self defense. If you do not know do not try and find out about ....... county. I have now been arrested 3 times and am scheduled to do time next week due to a positive test of THC (uhmmm BS). As I said I have not done marijuana in months. Yes I am overweight 230 5foot8. But with all the meds I take is it possible I am giving a false positive? I purchased test strips did not take any meds 1 day and the next day tested my self about noonish, a light THC strip shown that I was negative. I have yet to have that happen again. What is it I am taking that is causing them to tell me I am positive? I hope it is not another decease I have too many already did I mention bone and joint disease (No pun either). Or border line diabetic, fibra myalgia, etc..., I am not pregnant, just can't spell.

    I could tell you that both my mother and father have recently passed, and when I returned from overseas, I had a pretty good beating from the U of Illinois students for being involved in the situation. In addition to all that stuff within a few years of my return my older sister was murdered and there was no justice then either. The murderer was never convicted. So yes I am totally screwed up and was doing great when I was smoking pot, but now I am clean, do not drink but next week I am going to jail for testing positive. Payment for 38 years of smoking pot I guess. The truth is I am about ready to call in the cows and just put it all away for good. My body hurts, I am loosing train of thought all the time (I digress). I can no longer get out of be due to arthritis, the cops ....... county Sheriffs drug me out to the front yard and jumped me 8 weeks ago for Road rage accussation, I have witness's that have signed afadavits that I was else where at the time. I still have a swollen leg and ankle and I am told by the VA doctor without him even looking at me it is just joint disease. Okay any help for a dummy like me or am I just going totally crazy? I feel like I am ranting but I just think the different meds I take may be leading me to the bar hotel. Doctors will not give me a pass saying that any of these meds would cause the false positive, or that my near diabetic condition would cause a false positive or that heart CHF disease or possible liver disease would be a problem. My father had lupus, CHF, liver disease, diabetes and more, he died at 74, I am nearing 55 and have no one but my dogs. I figure 10 years more or less, but I am so tired of trying to prove I am Innocent. Guilty until proven well, now that the good ol' USA is something else (Cynical due to age?) [enough] any comments or help for this old dude?

    Proud to have served my country. (Even when they were wrong)
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    Post jeffhcraig

    Helo, sorry to hear of you'r troubles. I may be able to help with this one but, I need to know a few facts if you don't mind. A few questions: 1. Did you test posetive via, urine, blood or hair annalysis? or a combination? 2. If you have not smoked any green yourself, have you been in close contact recently or regularly with anyone who has? 3. Can you give me a list of your current med's? ....Peace...Erin

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    Default Jeff

    I agree with Erin. Depending on how they tested you could have an effect on what the results were. Also the medications. I also have several autoimmune diseases ... some the same as you including Raynauds and I also have RA and APS. I have been up to 14 prescriptions at once. My conditions are under control at this time, but I know what you are experiencing. Give us this additional info Erin asked for if you would.

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