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    I just recently found this web site.I guess I'am kinda desperate for some advice.My son,is working for a small pallet company.Problem that he has is every one there is doing drugs.He's gotten hooked on I think percocetts and maybe snorting or swallowing oxycontin.I'am really terrified at what's going to happen.He has a girl friend and a year and ahalf old son.They live on their own.She has came to me saying they are falling behind on their bills due to his drug use.My question is if he will get help,how would he continue to even work there.Any advice some body could give me would really be appreciated.

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    It's going to take alot of effort on his part to stop doing the drugs. If he is successful with his addiction problem, I would say staying at the same job is not a good idea. His best bet would be to find a drug free environment to work in. The more he is around the drugs, the harder it will be for him to say no and stay clean. He is going to need alot of support when he does stop the drugs. The withdrawals are horrible. If you can get him into a detox/rehab that slowly tapers an addict off the drugs, that would be your best bet. Otherwise he will be miserable. Good luck, I hope he beats the addiction, not only for himself, but for you and his family.

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