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Hydrocodone Shortages?
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    Default Hydrocodone Shortages?

    The last two times I have refilled my pain medication (Norco), the pharmacy has had to give me 10/500's instead and they told me its because of a shortage. I could not find any info at the FDA website about a shortage of hydrocodone.

    On another message board, someone mentioned that soon the maximum amount of acetaminophen allowed in a drug formulation will be 325mg so they suggested that perhaps there really isn't a shortage of Norco but rather the pharmacies are just trying to use up their 10/500's before the new rules take effect.

    Have any of you heard anything about a shortage of Norco? Due to my medical problems I have to take 6-8 a day and so I really don't like having to take these 10/500's.


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    Hi, there is currently a shortage of Norco (Hydrocodone) apparently the FDA recently changed the classification from a #3 to #2 drug classification. Don't know why the pharmacies are having a shortage but I tried 3 different ones on 10/10/14 and was finally able to get the 20 tabs of Norco 5/325 at a Walgreens in Northeast FL. I find this to be totally unacceptable that "us" the consumers are having to suffer for no apparent rational reason that from nowhere we are told we can't get medicine that most people need for pain and if you are suddenly not able to get it there is the possible of withdrawal's that could lead to devastating effects for a lot of people. Hopefully the DEA, pharmacies will get this corrected very soon.
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    Hello guys,

    I have been prescribed hydrocodone for a while now. Lately becuase of the change they made from schedule 3 to go 2 I am unable to pick up my medicine becuase they are not sure if they are going to allow people who already have refills to keep those. I was told by pharmacist that now those who need and use hydrocodone have to get a prescription from doctor monthly no more refills. This is ridiculous. I understand some people abuse is but for those who really need it for pain now we have to suffer for it. They still haven't made a decision whether or not they are going to allow people to use their refills.

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