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i think u need at least 16 mgs a day of suboxone
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    Question i think u need at least 16 mgs a day of suboxone

    i just got on suboxone about 2 weeks ago. my docter gave me 2 8 mg pills i take one 8mg in the morning and one 8mg at night. i think im ok now but when i first started i thought i felt like i needed three 8mg a day but i let this time go by and i think 16mgs a day is great for me. i dont see how u could do any less than that. ive listened to yall talk about suboxone and i just dont see how it helps yall if yall are on a lower dose

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    That's fine but your dr is wrong and you're not being done right. If you were inducted properly you wouldn't be on such a high dose. Read the following link. This is how we suggest using suboxone. Note the INDUCTION section of the link. God bless.
    I am not a dr. My statements are based on years of experience and related education. Consult with the professional of your choice regarding matters of concern.

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    Everybody's different. What may be enough for you might not be enough for somebody else. I must say alot of these doctors amaze me, theyre supposed to know everything about suboxone. 8 years of medical school suggests that. And yet they dont. I dont know if its the fact they dont know or if they just dont give a hoot. Most of these doctors hate suboxone patients they look at you as being weak or "another junkie". Some of these docs need to go back to med school. A doctor can pass and get there medical license with straight D's. Every now and then you find someone who actually cares. But your lucky if you do.

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    Default 16mgs suboxone

    kakky, you are trying to feel better than normal. That is a fact. I am sorry about being so blunt, but addiction is tough and we will convince ourselves that we need more. You would actually feel better on 12mgs ( really 8mgs ) than on 16 mgs. It is your brain telling you more is better as with anyone who has been addicted to opiates knows. This IS NOT the case with suboxone ! You need to try to taper to 8mgs and see what I mean. I was on 360mgs of methadone a day for years. I stabilized on 8mgs of suboxone for the 1st 3 days, then tapered down to 2mg over 30 days. This was the dose that felt like I was actually trying to get clean. At 4mgs I felt better than any other time in my 11 years on all of the other opiates ( and I tried them all - methadone for the last 7 years ) Trust the people on this forum who have been inducted at 8mgs or less and you will see that there were NO problems starting at that dose. You should either taper down to a reasonable dose or start over with the induction process. Ask Robert what he thinks about getting you re-inducted. He has helped countless people who said the same things you are saying and they were all very thankful to him.

    1. You will feel much better at a lower dose.
    2. It will cost you less.
    3. It will be easier to taper off of.
    4. There will be less negative side effects.
    5. You will be able to help others who are misinformed.

    Good Luck kakky, I sincerely want what is best for you.

    to live my life and to be free !

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    Kakky, it's true, with suboxone less is actually more effective. You think you need more, but with suboxone, less IS more. Don't let your addictive behavior take over and think you need a higher dose. A lower dose will often work better, but as another poster said, everyone is different.

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