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    Default Ibogaine

    Anybody know about Ibogaine and if it has any chance of ever being legal in the US?


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    I have a movie where they show a guy go thru the whole experience, its truly amazing, he was on methadone 120/mg and shooting H all day, they showed him at some panama city hospital, ALL I KNOW is that you can go to the UK and they have a 5 day detox from everything there, and it really works, its really strange, after 5 days you could be on ANY drug and you dont go thru withdrwals, but the nearest place you can go closest to the US, because they will NEVER legalize it here due to all the money they are making off treatment centers, clinics and so forth, its a place right under california, on the penninsula that is very nice, i will try and find you the name, you have to drive their, its right over the boarder so they are allowed to do it... Google baja california ibogaine treatment and you will find all the info you will ever need...

    PM me if you need more info, i am struggling myself trying to get off 16mg of subs after 5 years, and in 1 and a half months to do it!!!!
    Your friend...

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