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Kava Kava???
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    Default Kava Kava???

    I am told this is an herbal supplement for treating types of anxiety, I have GAD, and currently take Alprazalam, 1.0 mg 2x/day. It seems as if each day I hear more and more people talking about horrible stories when attempting to stop Xanax after long periods of time. I have been taking Benzo's for about 4 years, Xanax seems to be the most effective for me, i am NOT addicted, at least yet, i do feel they help me greatly during stressful sit's @ work and around the homestead. Everyone has stress though, so I am concerned long term re; the benzo's and my future. Kava Kava??? anyone ever heard of this, i am told it comes in a pill form and is alot better on the humn body. My feeling on Herbal supplements is that they often seem to be extremely "hyped" up to something they are certainly are not. Can anyone provide insight on this if you have any related info. i would love to hear your perspective!
    Thank You all---

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    i have Kava right now, i bougth it over the internet from a store in Hawaii, thiers differdent kinds, i have it and its just loose. you can search it online. It is used for cerimonies to relieve stress and relax, anxiety, relaxes muscles. I also think you can get it at some stores, in like a root form and you just grind it up. i dont thnnk it tastes very good. depending on how much you take it can have a euphoric type feel. i drank alot! one time and it felt like i was drunk, a clam drunk.
    hope that helps some

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