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    Default Latuda

    I just started Latuda 20mg. Took one pill at dinner time. Within hours my legs were uncontrollable. Anyone else experience this side effect?

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    Muscle stiffness, restlessness, shaking, agitation, dizziness are the common side-effects of latuda.

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    And also blurred vision , alight headaches, sedation feeling ,.. my vison was so blurry that they had to take me off of it, and labeled as I'm allergic to it and gabapentin and I even went up a few notches in strength wise on my glasses , imagine that ! Side effects to everything....bit you should wait a few days , bc I know it takes awhile for any meds to get in your system real good, before you can tell a difference and your body has to adjust to the new regimen ..

    If this wasn't directed to the original poster or post I'm sorry , I'm trying to figure out how to use this forum and site, thanks guys

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