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Mesothelioma cancer help
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    Default Mesothelioma cancer help

    This site has information on mesothelioma symptoms, treatment, common questions about the disease, finding U.S. top law firms and attorneys, advice, articles on various diseases.

    Also features detailed section describing what mesothelioma cancer is, the role of asbestos in the contraction of this form of lung cancer and who are mostly at risk of contracting the asbestos disease.

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    I am new here but was attracted by the post as my dad just was recently diagnosed with this horrible disease. He sent me a link tha told him more about what was going on within him. I have also went though several of the articles at this site and found them to be helpful. He also got in touch with a lawyer via a link on of the sites pages. I am not sure which one but he got a free consultation and is currently in the process of a huge lawsuit against his former construction company he worked for. Hope it helps someone as much as it has me. If you know of any other helpful sites please pm me. The link to the site is in my signature if anyone is interested.

    My dad has just been diagnosed with Mesothelioma. I dont know him well but he sent me to this site as he said it helped him greatly.

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