I am on methadone for many years. I have the highest privileges allowable in my state.
I haven't had a urine come up tainted with even a LEGAL pharma. Drug.
I take nothing, I have had teeth removed and severe sickness from hepatitis c, yet not one pain pill besides my medication, have I consumed. (I am cured of hepatitis c now by the grace of God )
I am almost 21 years totally clean.
I have the same job in a union for 11 years.
I have bought and paid for 2 brand new cars. I am ready to move into my first home, purchased solely by me.
I am single.
I have relied solely on myself to achieve all I have, and my life is not only complete, but incomprehensibly amazing.
I am whole! I am happy, content, and most importantly accepting life on lifes terms.
I have zero crave, and am on 18 ml.
I am only here because of some minimal pain needing knee surgery.
I finally can have the surgery because my new home, has no steps.
I had to utilize 32 up and down in my last apartment.
My question is :
I am ready to be done now. I have dropped down from 90 ml gradually, with not one problem.
When I finally drop down to zero will depression play a role?
It's my only concern.
I have come to believe methadone does help with depression. I am assuming it's from your life becoming normalized.
Does methadone have principles that aid in depression? I would wish to know what to expect so I can plan for it.
Everyone has a different opinion.
Thank you so much for any help.