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My mom asked me to help but I dont know how
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    Default My mom asked me to help but I dont know how

    Hello, I'm new to this and dont really understand all that is going on but I need opinions. My mother came to me and told me that she wants me to talk to my brother who has been snorting pills!! I dont know how to talk to him about it what to say when to say it .....nothing. He is 18 and I am 29 but we are the closest out of any of the siblings that is why my mother asked me to try to talk to him. Why she didnt tell me sooner is beyond me but I guess he has been doing this for a little over a year now. She wants me to help but she hasn't given me the whole story there is this one person from here that I got in contact with today and had asked me some questions I went to my mom and asked and thats when she decided to tell another part of the story. I dont know what questions to ask her so that she tells me everything at one time so I can start to build my conversation for him. I'm just completely lost on this and I need some input.
    Please Help.

    Very Worried Big Sis!!


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    Instead of useless replies from a bot or something I'll try to put in my 2 cents. First you talk to your mom and be firm about needing to know the whole deal. It will be better to know everything so if he does talk about something that your mom left out it won't seem like such a shock. When talking to your bro all I can say if to just bring it up casually ... if you start attacking and accusing nothing will be accomplished. Thats about all I can really offer you. Good Luck!

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