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Naturally Drug Resistant Cave Bacteria Discovered > The Future of Drug Development?
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    Default Naturally Drug Resistant Cave Bacteria Discovered > The Future of Drug Development?

    This is pretty groundbreaking drugs news, which will no doubt influence both the consumer drug market and health industries.

    This discovery of naturally drug resistant bacteria could lead to a whole new range of pharmaceuticals, which could offer cures to illnesses that do not yet exist.

    "scientists believe it could indicate that there's a wealth of antibiotics, waiting to be discovered, that are capable of treating conditions for which no effective drugs presently exist."

    There's been a little negativity surrounding the story, such as how this presents further challengers for research into drug resistance, but I'm remaining wholly positive This cave has been there for millions of years, harboring the bacteria that will potentially save lives today. Brilliant discovery!

    I'd be really interested to hear some opinion on this one. Is it something worth getting excited about or just another discovery that won't really make much difference to existing research? Are there further implications to this discovery that I have not considered?

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    "Cave bacteria" sounds so much like they're just trying to get a headline across, but who knows? I think drug resistance is a HUGE thing to conquer in the medicine world. Saw this article while researching the same thing:

    Essentially, this company is reproducing WBCs to combat resistance. Thoughts?

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