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New Early Stage Bladder Cancer Drugs/Treatments???
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    Default New Early Stage Bladder Cancer Drugs/Treatments???

    My husband has stage 1, grade 3 bladder cancer - Trying to find out if there is anything out there besides the BCG treatment with mitomycin, mutamycin, taxotera and valrubicin???? Overwhelmed by it all - need to start treatment soon because of the aggressive nature of this cancer - also open to alternative treatments as well - anything new out there that is beyond just clinical trails??

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    My cousin died last year from what started as bladder cancer. She took the traditional route chemo and radiation. Ups and downs. She worked for Baxter Int. and had to walk daily through the glove dept. and bladder cancer lay dormit for 15 years then it showed up. Did your husband work around rubber or Latex? Knowing what I know I would look to your Oncologist for a clinical trial. Men are more likely to get bladder cancer than women. Bladder cancer can go into remission and show up as Cancer in other areas. Keep your husband eating healthy food. Prayer can move mountains. I will keep him in my prayers too.
    Research the net allot. Learn more about Bladder Cancer, be happy for today and everyday will be golden.

    Best to your family

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